Dear Anne-Marie,

I am a 2nd generation sister and my parents are working to find me a match. There is one brother that my parents said they were considering for me that I have had at least 5 very spiritual dreams that clearly express that we may be intended for each other. There have been matching conversations between our families, but the brother apparently does not feel ready to be matched right at this time. Still, these dreams keep coming that are very profound and very pure. I shared with my parents about the first two, but do not feel comfortable bringing up the dreams that continue to follow if I am unsure if the matching will be rediscussed in the future.

The dreams seem like a strong sign to me. Do you think it means that I should be waiting until he is ready? Should I be doing conditions so that he and his parents can receive such dreams? I am not desperately depending on this matching possibility to turn out to be my eternal Blessing, but it does seem to be too strong a sign to ignore.




Dear Anonymous Girl,

Thank you for writing to me.  I think you are quite mature in the way you are approaching the situation at hand, and I believe that God will guide you to make the right decision.  Just consider my response as a sounding board to your thought process.

We are surrounded by good spirits, bad spirits and confused spirits.  Same is true with our ancestors.  Dreams can be influenced by any one of these spirits and can also be influenced by our daily activities, whether they are social, physical, or spiritual activities.  Therefore dreams cannot be the sole influence on your decision making and you are wise in keeping your perspective in balance.

Your parents know you very well because you lived with them all your life.  Most likely you have shared your inner thoughts with them throughout the years.  If so, then their input about your future spouse is very valuable.  The fact that the young man does not feel ready could mean just about anything and therefore my personal opinion is that he should not be pushed.

At this time in the providence of restoration, with all the accomplishments that have been made, it is my own belief that physical conditions (like fasting, cold showers, and lack of sleep) are not the best conditions (to experience them is good, to do them over and over, is not necessarily productive).  The best thing I would do, if I was you, is discuss my dilemma with God.

Pray about it, then pray some more, then pray again.  You may want to ask God if you should pay attention to these dreams, and if not, tell Him that you would rather not have them anymore.

Do set up some quiet and private time for a real discussion with God on a daily basis, and talk to Him earnestly, without fear, and with great eagerness.  Tell God what you envision your husband to be; as a religious man, as a spouse, and as a father.  Speak with God openly and freely.  Speak as you would to someone who you love and can completely trust, because God loves you and may be able to communicate more clearly with you due to your absolute trust in Him.  I suggest such candor with God regarding this candidate or about any others who may be available in the future.

Again, my suggestions are based on my own opinions and intuition.  I sincerely believe that if you pray to God from the depth of your being like the second gen that you are, then your confidence, love, respect, pride, and honesty should enable God and the absolutely good spirits to convey an answer to you.

Please let me know how you are doing in the future,

Take care,