I am blessed but the relationship broke. I am still confused, because I thought that the blessing is for eternity. This one spouse forever, no matter whether we live together or not, in the spirit world we are considered one couple.

So how does it work when I go to another matching and blessing? Do I live with two men as my eternal spouses? Maybe it's a silly question that doesn't make sense... but it's still in my head.

What is really happening with the connection gained through the blessing on the spiritual level? I am unable to understand what really happens when it is broken by a spouse from this couple. They said I still remain blessed, but as a single. And I cannot quite understand this concept. I hope you can help to clarify those points as well... Anonym


Dear Anonym,


Thank you for your question.  It is a very important one, and I am certain that you are not the only person wondering what is really happening at the spiritual level and in ones eternal life on this issue.  I have been searching the past two weeks for detailed explanation from TFs words but did not find the specific I am looking for.  I also sent your question to three people from the Blessing Family Department in the US and received one answer.  I am copying the answer below.  Until I find elders exact words on this subject or TFs words, I cannot offer you any thing better, but I will keep on searching.

Please stay in touch with and with me,





As far as I understand from my own time at Chung pyung and from recent conversations with other knowledgeable folks, here is the following:

  1. Life, love, lineage all are important, but remember the MOST important at this stage of restoration is LINEAGE  (second, perhaps life and then love on these two structural foundations).
  2. If the person did not bear children with the first spouse, then that relationship has less spiritual consequences (perhaps some heartistic issues, especially if they havent forgiven or emotionally released their hearts which could be stuck or still bonded due to resentment or longing or another emotion).
  3. According to Dae Mo Nim, the person who bears the blessed children will be in a spousal relationship in the spirit world. Of course nobody really knows how these issues will be worked out when a person has children with two different spouses, but basically if he or she creates a 4 position foundation with the second spouse, then they are creating a LINEAGE with eternal objects of love (children). Even if the person is more in love still with the first spouse, apparently in the spirit world, they will see the value of lineage as the result of love rather than just emotional experience.

Some of the guidance I think is contained within the texts you get at Chung Pyung.

Hope this helps. Im curious to know about the other questions and answers. I think your site is a great idea.