Dear Anne-Marie,

I am an older brother considering entering into the next matching, I contracted herpes simplex 2 [ genital herpes] many years ago and though I no longer have had any symptoms for years I realize that I still carry it and will transmit it to my matching partner. What should I do? In a strange way for years I considered it a blessing since the horrible lip cold sores I used to get[oral herpes-simplex 1] completely disappeared, permanently after I contracted simplex 2.


Hello there,
There is no reason why you should not go to a matching.  However,you will have to be clear about your situation with the proper blessing staff.  I think it will help if you can take with you a simple medical explanation from a medical expert of the disease and its consequences, and what could be expected to happen in the future.  That should make the staff more confident in handling your case.

You have to consider the possibility that you may be matched to someone who will also carry the same or similar disease. I have never been part of the blessing department so I do not know how they will handle it.  Just be forthright and confident about yourself.  If the first time around no match can be found for you do not give up; just be patient.

If you need additional guidance let me know. You seem to have the mind to handle this situation correctly and I do not feel through your mail that you are overburdened by it.  You are taking the situation responsibly.